Three young Sardinians, in love with their land, proud of the roots that bind them to a special island, formerly called Sandalia. Sandalia Green is a social cooperative born from the collaboration of three young professionals, now for 12 years engaged in cooperation with developing countries as volunteers and cooperators of the Association Sandalia Onlus. They have gained experience in local development projects, offering the opportunity to many disadvantaged populations to build a better future for future generations, in places afflicted by isolation, illiteracy and hunger. It is from this experience that in 2014 the Sandalia Green cooperative was born, the point of arrival and new departure of an exciting path, made of passion and hard work, always motivated by the belief that local development starts from the enhancement of human resources, culture and ‘environment. Love and respect for the history of our island are the engine of the tourism project, Special Sardinia, which wants to promote Sardinia and its people, with experiential itineraries on food and wine, cultural and handicraft, characteristic accommodations in rural areas. We offer you an experience made of nature, perfumes, flavors, culture and special craftsmanship. With us you will live a rich Sardinia, fascinating and hidden, intimate and welcoming, but above all authentic. Live with us your Special Sardinia